Highland Copper to meet with Wakefield Township

By IAN MINIELLY iminielly@yourdailyglobe.com WAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP — Tim Lynott, of Highland Copper, will talk to Wakefield Township officials at today’s meeting, which kicks off at 5:30 p.m. Following Lynott, is a report from the assessor and notes from the trails meeting. All three of the elements carry financial implications for the township and local residents. Multiple new pieces of correspondence have been received by the township and will be introduced into the record. The Gogebic County Board of Commissioners and the Gogebic County Road Commission both sent items to the township. The board will also provide information regarding Gogebic County Road Act 51. Under new business, the township seeks to pass a resolution of support for Highland Copper while also revisiting the township’s check signing policy, before public comment is opened.