Internet coming to Wakefield Township

By IAN MINIELLY WAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP — The Wakefield Township board met Wednesday and received good news in discussions with Brandon Yuchasz from Gogebic The township is looking at partnering with Gogebic to connect to the government internet line running along U.S. 2 from lower Michigan to Duluth. The township was too far off the grid to get connected when initially installed, but according to John Cox, supervisor, MERIT, out of Ann Arbor will sell Gogebic broadband and Yuchasz and the township will work to get the township hall and industrial park connected to the 21st century. Cox said they are hoping work will begin in abut two months and be completed before the snows come. Cox said the township is done with its patching for the year. The township spent $10,000 repairing the roads, but it also added some address signs and did some repairs around the township hall. Cox provided the final numbers for the clean-up costs. The joint township and city of Wakefield effort that collected 65 tons of solid waste and 45 tons of tires went $1,000 over budget for the solid waste and $800 over budget on the tires, but Cox said it was worth it to clean up the area. The township passed its assessing minimum audit requirement, which Cox said all municipalities must go through. The Department of Natural Resources is stepping between the ORV and snowmobile clubs that cannot settle differences. Each club, according to Cox, is claiming the trails and wanting to limit the other group’s access because of damages and it is bad for everyone they cannot get along. The DNR is stepping between the two as moderator so trail development and management is not negatively impacted.