Wakefield Township email changes

Good afternoon:
Our Wakefield Township emails have changed

Our new emails are
John Cox   —–  supervisor@wakefieldtownship.com
Mandy Lake—  clerk@wakefieldtownship.com
Joan Dalman— treasurer@wakefieldtownship.com
Jim Spencer—  trustee1@wakefieldtownship.com
Jerry NIemi—  trustee2@wakefieldtownship.com
Shelley Nordine— deputytreasurer@wakefieldtownship.com
Mabel Wanink— deputyclerk@wakefieldtownship.com

The change has taken place, but the old emails will work until April 1, 2019.    You can always find our emails at our Website Wakefieldtownship.com  .  We are sorry to inconvenience you but this change was necessary due to another regulation. 

John Cox, Wakefield Township Supervisorphone: j 906-224-3721email: supervisor@wakefieldtownship.comwebsite: wakefieldtownship.com