Wakefield Township opting out of medical marijuana

By IAN MINIELLY iminielly@yourdailyglobe.com WAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP

— The Wakefield Township Board has opting out of medical marijuana on its agenda for Tuesday evening’s meeting. Each community, under the new law that goes into effect Dec.16, is able to regulate its own community and embrace or reject the adoption of the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act as it sees fit. Wakefield Township, according to Supervisor John Cox, initially passed ordinances authorizing medical marijuana facilities in the natural resource district at the north end of the township. A facility under their ordinance required 20 acres of land and a 200-foot buffer, otherwise they would not be granted a license. Cox said the township repealed the ordinance in February because, “It does not reflect what our people like, except those wanting to make money off of it.” Under the law, after Dec. 15, if a municipality has not adopted an ordinance allowing marijuana facilities, then it cannot be compelled to grant a license as the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will not even consider applications in locations that have not approved ordinances allowing medical marijuana facilities. Under the law, a municipality that does not want to authorize medical marijuana facilities within its borders does not have to do anything. A municipality instead must pass ordinances to opt in, if it wants to. Wakefield Township is going the extra mile of passing explicit language opposing medical marijuana facilities within its borders so there cannot be any confusion on the township’s stance.