Housing-General Public Survey

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Western U.P. Planning & Development Region (WUPPDR)

The purpose of this 10-minute survey is to collect demographics and feedback from residents about housing in their area. This survey will assist WUPPDR in developing a Housing Study & Strategy that will identify actions that communities can take to encourage new housing development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation to meet identified housing market demand.

The survey includes questions about you, where you live, your household, income, education, homeownership or rental, and your experience in searching for a home in the current real estate market (if you’ve been looking for a home). Participation is voluntary. The combined results from this survey will be published as part of the WUPPDR’s Housing Study & Strategy.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Lisa McKenzie, Assistant Regional Planner, at (906) 482-7205 x118 or lmckenzie@wuppdr.org. Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses!

Response Deadline
In order for your feedback to be included, please complete the survey no later than January 31, 2022.