Wakefield Township offers much

WAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP – Wakefield Township is a premier place to live in Gogebic County and is also a fantastic place to visit during all four seasons. We boast some of the lowest taxes in the county, have some of the most beautiful landscapes on which to build your permanent dwelling or a vacation destination, and have helpful and friendly neighbors and residents.

Not much has changed during the past year in Wakefield Township, besides normal maintenance of roads and monthly meetings, but some exciting things have taken place. In early summer, Wakefield Township learned that we would receive our first transfer of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021) funds from the federal government. The award amount was $30,982, and were ceived half of that in September, with the other half coming this year. We are not quite sure what we will do with these funds but are leaning towards expanding our internet capabilities in the southern and eastern sides of the township where internet availability is scarce.

Much planning needs to be completed to accomplish this task, but we realize this is a good start for a project like this and want to continue to try to help the residents in this area with better coverage. The all-purpose trail from Korpela Road to the city of Wakefield was completed in the fall of2021. This project had been put on hold the previous year due toCOVID-19, but funds were allocated again to finish the project.

This trail connects the city of Wakefield, through Wakefield Township, and continues to Marenisco.  It’s a great ride with newly constructed bridges, culverts, and gravel. We look forward to more projects like this in the future to expand all areas of outside sports. In late December 2021, an informational meeting with Highland Copper provided promising news for the mine project on the north side of the township.

Copper prices are continuously moving up, making the project more appealing to investors. The board looks forward to this project becoming a probability, rather than just a possibility, to create much needed good employment and stable jobs in our area. 2021 provided record-breaking traffic once again into the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park, in which the township holds one of the entrances. Outside enthusiasts have been flocking to this area because of the beautiful scenery to enjoy when hiking, fishing, kayaking, visiting waterfalls, and camping during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Looking forward to 2022, the township board plans to complete a major road upgrade, in conjunction with the Gogebic County Road Commission, on Niemela Road. This road will be ditched, with bordering trees trimmed and pavement pulverized and paved. Some other roads will also be upgraded this summer as part of our graveling program with the county. We also plan to continue working with new businesses that might want to start in the township, possibly in our industrial park, where there is still land available to build. We also strive to support the businesses located within the township.

Visit our website at wakefieldtownship.com to get more information on how to contact these businesses, or to start a new business in the township. Contact me at supervisor@wakefieldtownship.com or call 906-364-0669 to receive more information on living in Wakefield Township or how to start a business here.