WATER BOIL ADVISORY LIFTED – Water may be used without boiling.

Press Release
Contact Information:
Robert A. Brown Jr, City Manager City of Wakefield
Office: 906.229.5131

For Immediate Release
WATER BOIL ADVISORY LIFTED – Water may be used without boiling.

Wakefield, MI. (May 8, 2023)- The City’s water samples are tested by White Water Associates
laboratory, certified for drinking water analysis by the United States Environmental Protection
Agency and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The City submitted four consecutive sets
of tests, twenty-four hours apart, with no traces of Coliform or E.Coli. White Water Associates lab
results verify that the municipal water system is safe and no longer needs to be boiled.

In the coming months, the City will continue to work with consultants, engineers, and State
agencies to identify well-head improvements to mitigate future disruption of the municipal water

We wish to thank the contractors, consultants, engineers, the Michigan Department of Environment,
Great Lakes, and Energy, Western Upper Peninsula Health Department, Gogebic Range Water Authority,
and our employees who worked to restore our drinking water operations.
Additionally, we thank those who have been impacted for their patience and understanding.

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